It’s hard to believe that Windows XP was released almost a decade ago. For such a robust operating system, it has held its place in the hearts and minds of people for at least that long. If your computer is more than 5 years old, and you’d like repairs, please consider the option of replacing your computer. With super speedy laptops able to be purchased at retail for less than $400, repairing your old laptop or PC may not be the most economical decision. Consider that upgrading ram might cost $40-$50, and hard drive upgrades are in the $60-$100+ range. Add in shipping, tax, and labor, (any, all, or none of the above), and the hassle of re-installing Windows XP, from the CD or recovery partition you don’t have, and all the 5+ years of security updates, … to do what? Are the computers really that much better, faster, more reliable, more secure?

Yes, they are. Every computer is unique, and each person has his own experience with computers. Will a $350 laptop last you 5 years? Maybe, but at that price, if it lasts you 3 years, it has probably been worth it.

As more and more tasks are being accomplished solely on the Internet, the relevance of spending more money than necessary on a computer is dwindling. Many people want to get to Facebook, read their mail, chat with friends, read the news, search for deals. If you aren’t a hard core gamer, nor a movie editor, chances are very good that you’ll have more computer than you need.

So, what can Gerald Young Consulting do for you? I can help you set up the new computer, connect to wireless securely, set up backup methods, and transfer data from your old machine to the new one. Call me 239-287-2976 for an appointment.

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