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Need a computer expert in Naples, FL?

There are plenty of options from which to choose your computer repair specialist. What you want is someone who can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at a good price.

Sure, you could be in the queue for the $20 computer repair advertised other places, and get what $20 pays for. If you desire customer service with a smile, someone to call or email for a quick response, and a fast turn-around time on your computer, call Gerald Young Consulting today at 239-287-2976.

It’s not simply computer repair, but tune-ups, remote support, and application assistance that makes Gerald Young Consulting more than the average computer repair specialist in Naples and Bonita Springs.

My goal is to help businesses and individuals accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently with technology.

Call today and let’s discuss backups, web sites, virus removal, or even assistance with purchasing a new computer or laptop.

Gerald Young Consulting
Getting IT done. Now.

BCHS All Sports Booster Club Sponsor

Gerald Young Consulting is a proud sponsor of the Barron Collier High School 2011-12 All Sports Booster Club. Go Cougars! May all athletes have their BEST season ever and a successful school year as well. Wear your school colors blue and grey with pride!

Need help with your website, email, SEO, networking, virus removal, software training, or a faster computer? Call Gerald directly at (239) 287-2976 for a quick response appointment. We travel to your home or business and offer top-notch computer services at a reasonable rate.

How much do you charge?

I understand that one size doesn’t fit all. I charge $75/hr for most issues, though I provide various discounts and will make work to provide better service at a fair price. I’ll work with you to make it affordable.

Check the competition. Chances are, I’ll be in line or better than other options, with over 15 years experience.

Call me today 239-287-2976.

Computer Help in Bonita Springs, FL

Are you a seasonal resident? Looking for someone who can help you set up a wireless network, clean a virus, or teach you about web design? Call Gerald Young Consulting 239-287-2976 and get your computer repaired today!

Naples, FL Computer Repair and Concierge Services

Consulting and Concierge Computer services?

If you could do it yourself, you would, wouldn’t you? But you’re busy. Life is happening all around you, and frankly, technology is not supposed to get in your way. It’s comforting to know someone who can speak geek and human, guiding you to peaceful coexistence with your computers.

Call Gerald Young Consulting at 239-287-2976 to restore peace and sanity to your use of technology.

Computer Consulting Services in Naples, Bonita and Estero

When was the last time your IT company saved you money? From virus repair to computer setup, wireless security to server integration, Gerald Young Consulting can accomplish your goals and needs. If you’re looking for a replacement IT consultant or thinking about going to a geek, call Gerald Young Consulting 239-287-2976.

Gerald Young Consulting also does websites and custom web applications using PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

Have you thought about a help desk ticketing system? Gerald Young Consulting can help you with integrating OTRS into your place of business.

Gerald Young Consulting Commercial

I hope you like this first commercial! I’ll be making some more like it.

Are you on old technology?

It’s hard to believe that Windows XP was released almost a decade ago. For such a robust operating system, it has held its place in the hearts and minds of people for at least that long. If your computer is more than 5 years old, and you’d like repairs, please consider the option of replacing your computer. With super speedy laptops able to be purchased at retail for less than $400, repairing your old laptop or PC may not be the most economical decision. Consider that upgrading ram might cost $40-$50, and hard drive upgrades are in the $60-$100+ range. Add in shipping, tax, and labor, (any, all, or none of the above), and the hassle of re-installing Windows XP, from the CD or recovery partition you don’t have, and all the 5+ years of security updates, … to do what? Are the computers really that much better, faster, more reliable, more secure?

Yes, they are. Every computer is unique, and each person has his own experience with computers. Will a $350 laptop last you 5 years? Maybe, but at that price, if it lasts you 3 years, it has probably been worth it.

As more and more tasks are being accomplished solely on the Internet, the relevance of spending more money than necessary on a computer is dwindling. Many people want to get to Facebook, read their mail, chat with friends, read the news, search for deals. If you aren’t a hard core gamer, nor a movie editor, chances are very good that you’ll have more computer than you need.

So, what can Gerald Young Consulting do for you? I can help you set up the new computer, connect to wireless securely, set up backup methods, and transfer data from your old machine to the new one. Call me 239-287-2976 for an appointment.

Post from smartphone.

This post was made from my Android smartphone. The only point to this post is the fact that it can be done,… you can add content to your website as the ideas arrive. In some ways, it’s as easy as sending a tweet. The other idea is that you can fix an error on your site without panicking or loading up a large app from your desktop

Did you want content with that web page?

Don’t be shy. Be BOLD. Be INTERESTING. Be RELEVANT. Don’t build your website expecting it to be the same thing forever. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a content generating company. There are jokes, anecdotes, and business truths that you learn on the job that can be distilled into a quick note, here and there.

It’s great to be able to present who you are. It’s also great to present what you do and what you’re doing, what you’re selling, what you’re providing. A flexible web environment enables you to do just that.

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