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Wow, does this guy talk a lot!

My consulting services are designed to provide a customized experience to enhance technology for your particular needs. There’s a reason that you call for expert assistance to resolve your computer needs. Sometimes, all you want or need is a virus repair or RAM upgrade. However, when you move beyond the basics and want to enhance your business strategy through web and Internet, you’ll get unfettered access to knowledge and information you can use with or without me.

I want my clients to be able to rely on obtaining as much information that I provide as they can effectively use to enhance their business.

Turning that around, I also want to know about your business. I want to know it in the way that new customers, potential customers, long time customers, vendors, employees, and even competitors view your business. And if you don’t know that information, I can help you collect it, quantify it and potentially monetize it.

How did you get here?

Perhaps one of the more overlooked issues with respect to your web site is the fact that you may not even know how your visitors arrive at your site. Analyzing that information enables you to make better choices as to how you spend your marketing dollars, as well as monetizing what people do once they arrive at your web page.

Are people ready to purchase what you offer? Are you prepared to complete the sale? Are you spending money on ad words that you could be turning into profit? Are the ad words you’re using effective? Where did people find your site?

You can’t know until you measure. Are you ready to look beyond counting page hits?

Having control over your web site enables you to gather that information. Talk to me about your web site. Let’s make it work for you!

Open wifi = No security

Wireless connections at hotspots have long been a source of hacking. A plugin for Firefox called “FireSheep” has made hacking your favorite sites as easy as a single click. You can’t be certain of your security on your wireless laptop unless you control the connection.

What can you do about FireSheep?
1) always connect to your favorite sites with https: instead of http://. While this works to a point, some sites that log in as secure send additional content as insecure, once again exposing your connection information.
2) Use a mobile broadband card. Virgin Mobile has one of the better (monthly) prices.
3) Use a free VPN. If you search for a Free VPN, you’ll find various third parties that offer VPN services. If you trust the provider of the VPN, you do remove the problem of the FireSheep bug
4) SSH proxy to your home server. This is a bit nontrivial, but it means that all your laptop web traffic goes through to your home server. This doesn’t completely fix the problem, but it does move it away from the open WiFi being the vector for the snooping.

See me at King Richard’s Family Fun Park October 29 6pm-8pm

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Come by October 29th from 6pm to 8pm and say, “Hi.”

Welcome to Gerald Young Consulting!

Gerald Young Consulting provides you with the best in IT technology support from virus removal to server install to internet, web and email infrastructure.

My rate is $75/hour with available prepaid packages customized for your needs. However, it is not my goal for you or me to watch the clock. In hiring Gerald Young consulting, you will be given a triple bonus to the large consulting firms:

  1. Less wasted time. I know what I’m doing. I can fix your problem.
  2. Less cost per hour. I have low overhead. I’ll pass that on to you.
  3. Less time billed. Not only do I perform services completely, accurately, and efficiently, but I also don’t bill to the minute, or round up to the hour. You will get more service than you expect, at a rate better than you expect.

In the Estero/Bonita Springs/Naples area (Southwest Florida), there is a new choice for computer support. Demand better. Expect better. Gerald Young Consulting. (239) 287-2976.

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